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iD22 was recently reviewed by Andreas Ederhof - audio professional and educator, Hamburg, Germany. See what he had to say below:

Hardware features

The large central rotary potentiometer for adjusting the main volume is executed to a high quality. The stereo image remains consistent even at very low monitoring volumes and the control is extremely smooth throughout the entire range. The three smaller level controls for input gain and the headphone monitor amplifier point more towards a large, professional console rather than a desktop device for small project studio users.

Test recordings

Firstly we did a take with the usual interface and then the Audient iD22. The sound captured with the ID22 resulted in much more depth and fullness of the singer's voice meaning that we  hardly had to touch the equalizer to make the vocals sit in the mix. The voice came across wonderfully soft and slightly raspy without the usual harshness of my current audio interface. When using a ribbon mic to record vocals the high quality of the iD22 was particulary evident. The extremely low-noise Class-A preamps allow for a very high amplification without introducing unwanted noise whilst in use.

Even when recording an acoustic guitar the iD22 was convincing. The guitar needed to be heard in quite a dense arrangement , consisting of drums, bass, electric guitar and vocals which proved not an easy task to achieve. The preamps of the Audient ID22 captured the overtones of the guitar resulting in a crystal clear, detailed and rich sound so that the guitar achieved the exact timbre making it shine through in the mix. The preamps of the ID22 provide an airy, rich sound that is perfect when recording acoustic instruments.


If you wanted to really search for the slightest disadvantage of this superbly thought out and expensive sounding audio interface/monitor controller it would be the supplied external supply and the missing Windows support though these are due in late in the first quarter of 2014.

Given the abundance of possibilities , the excellent audiophile quality and moderate price, that the iD22 offers, this interface can clearly be recommended for Mac users.


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